Formply & Film-faced Plywood



Concrete Form Plywood, or Formply is plywood with a high-density overlay (HDO) of phenolic resin impregnated paper bonded onto it to give excellent off form finishes and multiple re-uses for the Concrete Building and Construction Industries.

We stock a great range of film faced plywood available in a variety of stress grades.


Edges of the plywood are usually sealed with an Acrylic based paint for maximum moisture resistance and durability.  Formply is normally available in 4 stress grades of F11, F14, F17 and F22 with a type A glue bond and manufactured to Australian Standards AS/NZS 2269. The lower stress grade are normally manufactured with a soft-wood core such as Radiata Pine and a Hardwood veneer on the two outside faces, the middle stress grades can have a combination of both soft & hardwood veneers (again with hardwood veneer on the outside faces), then the higher stress grades are generally 100% hardwood to meet the strength rating required. The overlay helps to protect the hardwood face veneer as well providing a sound surface for the poured concrete, creating a very smooth finish once the concrete is cured and the Form Ply removed.


Imported Film Faced plywood is normally made with a Hardwood core. Faces are then coated with a high density overlay (HDO) resin impregnated finish that is available smooth on both sides, or with smooth one side and a non-slip surface (Wire Mesh, Hexa Grip, etc); perfect for use in applications that require a hard, durable surface. Typical uses for the smooth / smooth version include furniture, joinery and construction applications  where non-structural plywoods are acceptable – the Non-slip variant such as our MAXI-Wire is typically used in Scaffolding, Truck and Van floors, Trailers, Modular Staging and other areas where a Non-slip surface is required.


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