Italian Poplar Blockboard



MAXI Plywood’s light-weight Italian Poplar Blockboard is the ideal panel for all Joinery and Furniture applications. We currently have stock of 3050mm X 1220mm sheets in 18mm and 25mm thicknesses – these 5-layer panels are cross-grain which makes them ideal and very receptive for veneering over or pressing a laminate onto.

Italian Poplar Blockboard is the preferred choice of many high-end bespoke furniture manufacturers and designers due to its inherent stability and light-weight. Poplar Blockboard weighs between 380-450kg/m3 so is nearly half the weight of MDF which makes it not only a lot easier to process and manoeuvre around the workshop, but is also a lot easier on hinges and hardware once finished as a completed piece. The solid central core of Blockboard also ensures good screw retention and machines very well – great when used for joinery and cutting tenons, domino’s or dowels and the Poplar timber glues well with all regular PVA types of glue.

Manufactured in Italy by one of the leading Blockboard manufacturers in the world, our Poplar Blockboard is manufactured on up-to-date machinery and produced from Company owned Plantation timber. Blockboard is typically more stable than plywood due to the way it is constructed. The solid listels in the centre of the panel are then covered with peeled veneer on either side, and variations of this construction can include double outer veneer (5-layer) for a more stable panel, double-core for thicker panels or MDF outer skins for paint finishes.

Contact MAXI Plywood today to arrange for some samples of Poplar Blockboard – try it for your next project, you will be impressed with this remarkable timber panel.

Italian Poplar Blockboard
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