Koskisen Birch Plywood

Koskisen Birch Plywood

Durable and Strong Plywood Products from Finland

KoskiDecor Eco: KoskiDecor Eco is manufactured in Finland by Koskisen Plywood Industry. Both faces have high quality cross-grain veneers and are coated using the innovative water-based ECOCOLOUR technology developed by Koskisen, then finished with a clear Transparent melamine resin film which results in a hard wearing surface. Available in 12 different colours, the Select-grade Birch veneers show off the seasonal variations and natural beauty of the wood.
KoskiDecor Eco is based upon the tried and tested Birch Multiplex Plywood products manufactured by Koskisen in Finland. The combination of ready-coloured surfaces in conjunction with an extremely wear-resistant Melamine film provides optimum material properties for the manufacture of high-quality, industrial or artisanal made products which are decorative, durable and functional.
KoskiDecor is the ultimate Decorative plywood and ideal for all interior design applications including Joinery, Furniture and Wall / Ceiling Claddings.

KoskiDecor Clear Transparent: KoskiDecor Clear Transparent is made from Premium Finnish Birch Plywood with improved cross-grain veneers and covered with a Clear Transparent Melamine film. This clear coating provides a pre-finished Decorative plywood panel with a tough hard-wearing surface, making it ideal for all Interior Design applications including Joinery, Furniture and Wall / Ceiling applications.

KoskiDiamond: KoskiDiamond is a durable flooring material coated with a hard wearing film overlay and slip resistant diamond embossing. Designed for the vehicle and cold storage industries, this premium Birch plywood product is also ideal for Decorative and Industrial applications which require a tough, hard wearing panel (or simply just a good looking deign like the KoskiDiamond!!). Made in Finland by Koskisen from Finnish Birch logs, the tough easy-to-clean surface is also ideal for Vehicle Floors, Loading Platforms, Pedestrian Bridges, Stages and Flight Cases.

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