MAXI Edge Plywood Panels



MAXI Edge is available in four different styles: ALPINE, FINELINE, RUSTIC and URBAN.

Available as either Solid or Veneer panels, the MAXI Edge lends itself to a wide-range of applications from Bench tops, Table tops and Stair treads to Wall & Ceiling panelling and Joinery applications. All MAXI Edge panels are made-to-order to suit each client’s specific requirements and needs.

MAXI Edge Veneer panels can be manufactured as either single or double-sided panels from a 3mm thick veneer – standard they are produced with a matching plywood core or they can be made with an MDF core for applications such as Wall & Ceiling panelling to keep costs down. The MAXI Edge Veneer panels come standard as Long-grain and can be ordered as Cross-grain if required.

MAXI Edge Solid panels are available from 20mm up to 60mm thick, 300 to 1200mm wide and up to 4.8m long. Standard they are made in Long-grain configuration but can also be made as Cross-grain upon request (a small surcharge does apply).
Panels up to 2.4m long are made as single-piece timber strips – panels longer than 2.4m will have staggered joins through-out the panel.

Careful consideration for the intended application and installation of Solid MAXI Edge panels must be taken into account with particular focus on having sufficient support for the panel to hold it flat, while at the same time allowing it to expand and contract like all solid timber does. Direct fixing without allowance for movement will result in Solid MAXI Edge panels splitting or warping – please consult with the MAXI Plywood Sales team if you are unsure of the correct installation procedure to ensure your project is a success.

The MAXI Edge ALPINE is  manufactured from Radiata Pine timber, the FINELINE is made from European Birch, the RUSTIC is made from feature-grade Douglas Fir and the URBAN is made from Okoume.


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