Scarf Joined Plywood Panels


Large One-Piece Jumbo Plywood Panels.

MAXI Plywood scarf-joined plywood panels are available using several different plywood species and are suitable for a variety of applications. Scarf-joining is a method where a large ‘scarf’ is machined onto an edge of a sheet of plywood at a ratio of 8:1 – that is, the scarf is eight-times longer than the thickness of the plywood sheet and the two matching scarf’s are then glued together using both heat and pressure. Being custom made to order, MAXI Plywood can join the sheets either end-on-end or side-on-side to create large one-piece panels which are structurally sound and available in a thickness range from 6mm up to 18mm. Our typical lead-time on all scarf-joined panels is 10 working days.


One-piece jumbo plywood is ideal for Caravan, Bus, Train and RV floors and delivers numerous benefits in the process. These include a reduction in labour costs for the installation of the floor, no movement between individual plywood panels, the chassis design can be optimised due to the bracing effect of the one-piece floor which will result in an overall weight reduction as well as the fact that a one-piece floor opens up more creative design opportunities. A one-piece plywood floor will also potentially reduce the amount of squeaking during travel due to the one-piece design of the floor. Flooring panels are typically made using C/D Radiata grade plywood which is F8 rated Structurally, but Kokoda Hardwood ply which is F17 rated can be used for higher-load applications.


Garage Tilt Door manufacturers can also benefit from one-piece panels. MAXI Plywood can manufacture these panels from Kokoda Hardwood ply for those panels which will be painted or use our MAXI Birch for a superior stain-quality panel. Melamine glue can be used on stain-quality doors for a clear glue-line or we can use a 100% A-bond glue for the ultimate durability and strength.


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